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Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, project no. OI175013
Title: Temperament and structure of personality disorder
Principal Investigator: Acad. Prof. Dr Dušica Lečić Toševski
2011- 2019
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, project no. IIII41022
Title: Acute coronary syndrome: investigation of vulnerability (plaque, blood and myocardium), optimal treatment and prognostic factors determination
Principal Investigator: Acad. Prof. dr Miodrag Ostojić, Project manager at the Institute: Assoc. prof. Olivera Vuković

2014 –2018
Ministry of Health of RS and UNICEF
Title: Strengthening the capacity of pediatric health care to support the development of children in early childhood
Partners: Institute for Health Care of Mother and Child Serbia” Dr Vukan Čupić , Institute for Mental Health, Association for Children and Adolescent Psychiatry and related professions (DEAPS), Health centers (10)

2014 –2017
European Association of Headache-Child and Adolescent Migraine-Global Effects of Disease and WHO
Principal Investigator: Prof. Cicek Wöber; Principal Investigator for Serbia: Dr Mirjana Jovanović
2013 – 2017
Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes (AIMH)
Title: INTERPRET‐DD: Comorbidity of depression and diabetes – international investigation of clinical manifestations and clinical pathways
Research manager: Acad. Prof.Dušica Lečić-Toševski, research co-manager: Acad. Prof.Nebojša Lalić, researchers at IMH: Assoc. prof. Olivera Vuković, Dr Nikola Jovanović.

2009 – 2012
FP7 European Commission Project, project no. Health-2007-2.2.1-10
Title: Copy number variations conferring risk of psychiatric disorders in children
Project coordinator: deCode genetics, Iceland, Dr. Hren Stefansson. Project manager at the Institute: Assist. Dr Milica Pejović Milovančević

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