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Title: Psychometric Validation of the Serbian Version of the Psychological Flexibility in Epilepsy Questionnaire (PFEQ)
Master's Thesis: Ana Vico
Mentors: Assoc. prof. Dušanka Vučinić Latas, Assist. prof. Maja Milovanović
Period: 2023-2024

Title: Validation of the Serbian Translation of the Adult Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) Scale and Examination of Autistic Traits Profiles in Individuals with Various Disorders within the Psychotic Spectrum
Principal Investigator: Clin. assist.Vanja Mandić Maravić
Period: 2023-2024

Title: Examination of Social Support Networks in Individuals with Depressive Disorders in Relation to Age: Differences Between Adolescent and Adult Patients
Principal Investigator: Clin. assist Ana Munjiza Jovanović
Period: 2023-2024


Title: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epileptiform Activity - Genetic Basis and Therapeutic Implications
Doctoral thesis: Đurđica Čvorović 
Mentors: Prof. dr Milica Pejović Milovančević and Assist. Prof. dr  Maja Milovanović 
Period: 2023-2024
Title: Impact of Selected Genetic Polymorphisms on the Occurrence of Impulsive-Compulsive Behaviors in Parkinson's Disease
Principal Investigator: Prof. Natasha Dragašević Mišković
Researcher: Branislava Radojević, MD, PhD
Period: 2023-2027
Title: Feasibility Study of the "DISCOURSE IN PSYCHOSIS" Protocol at the Institute of Mental Health 
Investigators: Jelena Vasić, Prof. dr Nadja Marić Bojović, and Prof. dr Dušica Filipović
Period: 2023-2024
Title: The Relationship Between Affective Attachment and Personality Dimensions in Individuals Suffering from Substance Use Disorders 
Thesis: Vladana Radenović 
Mentor: Assist. Prof. Ivana Peruničić Mladenović 
Period: 2023


Title: The Association between Early Maladaptive Experiences and
Dysfunctional Beliefs with a Tendency towards Suicidal Attempts Master's
Thesis: Elena Stevanović
Mentor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Ivana Peruničić Mladenović
Period: 2023-2024

Title: The Role of Personality and Family Relationships in
Understanding Addictive Behavior Master's
Thesis: Aleksa Stamenković
Mentor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Ivana Peruničić Mladenović

Title: Analysis of the Prescription Practices of Cariprazine at the Institute of Mental Health
Principal Investigator: Prof. NađaMarić Bojović Other Researchers: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanja Andrić
Petrović, Asst. Prof. Dr. Vanja Mandić Maravić, Asst. Prof. Dr.
Danilo Pešić, Dr. Ivan Ristić, Dr. Dušan Janković
Period: 2023-2024

Title: Investigation of Pro and Anti-inflammatory Cytokine
Alterations in Individuals with Psychotic Disorders in Relation to Childhood Abuse Experience
Principal Investigator: Asst. Prof. Dr. med.Ana Munjiza Jovanović
Period: 2023-2026

Title: Psychoneuroimmunological Characteristics of Individuals
with Depressive Disorders and their Association with Toxoplasma gondii Infection Doctoral
Thesis: Teodora Jovanović
Mentors: Asst. Prof. Ana Munjiza Jovanović,Assoc. Prof. Dr. med. Milutin Kostić
Period: 2023-2026

Title: Phenomenology of Addiction: An Anthropological
Perspective on the Experience of Addiction in Serbia Master's
Thesis:Ognjen Parojčić
Mentor: Dr. Nevena Milanović Minić
Period: 2023

Title: Social Cognition of Individuals with Epilepsy Principal
Investigator: Ass. Staša Lalatović Mentors: Prof. Dr. Nadežda
Krstić, Doc. Prof. Maja Milovanović
Period: 2023-2024

Title: Assessment of the Effects of Psychosocial Support Application on Couples with Infertility
Principal Investigator: Doc. Dr.Bojana Pejušković
Period: 2023-2024

Title: Examination of the Impact of Caregiver Skills Training on
Improving the Quality of Life and Reducing Stress Levels in
Parents/Guardians of Children with Developmental Disorders
Principal Investigator: Dr. Milica Vlaisavljević
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Milica Pejović Milovančević
Period: 2023-2025

Title: Assessment of the Effects of Implementing a Minimum
Package of Psychosocial Interventions for Youth in Healthcare,Education, and Social Welfare
Principal Investigator: Asst.Prof.Dr. Marija Mitković Vončina
Period: 2023-2024

Title: Research on Adverse Childhood Experiences in Temporary Settlement Residents
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jelena Vasić
Mentor:Prof.Dr. Milica Pejović Milovančević
Period: 2023-2023




Title: Association of C-reactive protein concentration with symptoms depression in adolescents and adult patients with depression
Principal investigator: TA dr Ana Munjiza Jovanović
Period: 2022-2023


Title: Map of the social environment and the method of informing about the diagnosis code
of patients in the  IMH Day Hospitals
Principal investigator: Assoc. Dr. Milutin Kostić
Period: 2022-2023


Title: Emotional dysregulation of adolescents - study of predictors and the outcome
Principal investigator: TA dr Marija Mitković
Period: 2022


Title: Nurses - promoters of healthy lifestyles
Student: Katarina Milošević, student
Mentor: Dr Biljana Majstorović
Period: 2022


Title: Quality of life of parents and caregivers of children with autism
Student: Dr Danijela Mijanović
Mentor: Prof. dr Dejana Vuković
Period: 2022


Title: Significance of negative life experiences in the development of addiction to psychoactive substances and gambling

RA: Dragica Bogetić

Mentor: prof. dr Aleksandar Jugović (FASPER)

Period: 2022-2023


Title: A new intervention for the implementation of pharmacogenetics in psychiatry

Principal investigator: assist. prof. Marin Jukić

Research associates: Dr. Petar Vukovic, asist. prof. dr Cedo Miljevic, assoc. prof. Dr. Nadja Maric

Period: 2022-2025


Title: Psychological tendencies to complementary and alternative treatments for mental health problems

RA: Snežana Mrvić, B.Sc. psychologist

Mentor: asist. prof. Marija Branković (FMK,  University Singidunum)


Title: Study of the effects of microdeletion of chromosome 22 (22q11) on the occurrence of neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Principal investigator: Milica Pejović-Milovancević

RAs: cl. asist. Vanja Mandić-Maravić, dr Roberto Grujićić, Jelena Radosavljev-Kirćanski, Dr. Marko Jelisavčić and Dr. Milica Vlaisavljević

Period: 2022-2023


Title: Comparative and separate analysis of socio-demographic and diagnostic five-year characteristics of the first examinations at the Department of Specialist-Consultative Examinations and the Cabinet of Psychotherapy of the IMH

Principal Investigator: Prim. dr Olga Colovic and  prof. Dr Milica Pejović Milovancević

Research Associates:Teaching ass. dr Ana Munjiza Jovanovic, Dr Milica Vezmar, Dr Mahajlo Ilic, D. Mila Jakovljevic, Dr Teodora Jovanovic

Period - 2022- 25


Title: Analysis of the maintenance therapy of outpatients witj psychotic disorders at the Institute of Mental Health in Belgrade

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr Nadja Maric Bojovic

Research Associates:Teaching ass. Dr Sanja Andrić Petrović, Teaching ass. Dr Vanja Mandic Maravic,Teaching ass. dr Danilo Pešić, dr Ivan Ristić and Dr Dušan Jankovic

Period - 2022


Title: The impact of horticultural therapy on mental health in urban areas

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Olivera Vuković, prof. dr Jelena Tomićević Dubljević, dr Milica Vezmar

Research Associate: Dr Teodora Jovanović

Period - 2022


Title: Non-suicidal self-harm of young people: examination of the specifics of the function of self-punishment

Mentors: Prof. dr Ksenija Krstić, prof. Dr Ljiljana Mihic

Student: Ana Radanović

Period - 2022-23




Title: Pharmacotherapy for the spectrum of autism-experiences and attitudes of parents / caregivers

Principal Investigator: Teaching ass. dr Vanja Mandić Maravić, prof. Dr. Milica Pejović Milovancević

Research Associates: Teaching ass. dr Milutin Kostić, dr Roberto Grujičić, dr Jelena Vasić, dr Sanja Leštarević, dr Jovana Maslak

Period - 2021- 22


Title: Suicidal behavior of children and youth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Principal Investigator - Prof. Dr Milica Pejović Milovancević

Research Associate - Dr  Darja Šegan

Period - 2021


Title: Pilot study of the impact of psychosocial intervention DIALOG + on the quality of life of patients with epilepsy

Principal Investigator: Doc. Dr Maja Milovanović

Collaborators: Prof. Dr Nadja Maric, Jana Saric, M.Sc., Aleksandra Parojcic, Dr Ivan Ristic

Period - 2021-2022


Title: Standardization of the Inventory of Statements on Self-Injury (ISAS) and on the Attitude Towards Treatment and Discord Application of Self-Injury Patients

Principal Investigator: Teaching ass. Dr Milutin Kostic

Research associates: Dr Sanja Leštarević, Ana Radanović, Dr Jelena Vasić

Period - 2021- 2022


Title: Clinical experience / intuition of psychiatrists in rapid assessment of prognosis in acute exacerbation

Mentor: Teaching ass. D. Milutin Kostic

Student: Uros Miladinovic

Period - 2021


Title:Diagnosis of non-affective psychosis based on NMR metabolomics

Principal Investigator: Boris M Mandić, PhD, Research Associate

Collaborators: Doc. Dr Cedo Miljevic

Period - 2021-2026


Title:International Survey of Childbirth-Related Trauma (INTERSECT)

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Susan Ayers

Research Associate:Teaching ass. Dr Maja Milosavljevic

Period - 2021- 2023.

Title: Personality characteristics of adolescents with the problem of Internet addiction
Principal Investigator : Andjelija Dimovic (Prof. Tamara Dzamonja-Ignjatovic)
Collaborators : Marko Kalanj, Nikola Ljubicic, Branko Ristic, Tanja Adamovic, Dr Dragan Pajic, Dr Svetislav Mitrovic
Duration - 2021

Title:Influence of art therapy on the improvement of psychiatric symptoms

Principal Investigator :Dr Teodora Jovanović (Dr Milica Vezmar)

Associates :Teaching ass. Milutin Kostić, Dr Sanja Stupar, Dr Jelena Buzejić, Branka Sudar

Period - 2021.

Title: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Creative Space for Mental Health program in
improving the quality of life of psychiatric users
Principal Investigator : Maša Vukčević Marković, PhD,
Associates :  Irena Stojadinović-PIN, doc. Dr Bojana Pejušković
Duration - 2021-2022

Title: Examination of disintegration as individual characteristics in persons with
psychosis spectrum disorders
Principal Investigator - Dr Ivan Ristic
Mentor - Prof. Dr Nadja Maric Bojovic
Co-mentor - Prof. Dr Goran Knezevic
Research Associate - Doc. Dr Cedo Miljevic


  • Ristić I, Knežević G, Ignjatović Ristić D, Miljević Č, Jerotić S, Marić N. Do people diagnosed with psychosis
    spectrum disorders share the same personality space with the general population? Big Five
    complemented by the proneness to psychotic-like experiences/ behaviors. – under review

Title: Research on the quality of life of people with epilepsy
Main researcher - Žarko Vukašinović (Prof. Dr Jadranka Maksimović)
Collaborators -  Doc. Dr Maja Milovanović, Prim. Dr Nevenka Buder, Dr MirjanaJovanovic, Dr Vlada Radivojevic, VMS Snezana Zlatanov
Duration – 2021
Title: The role of personality, irrational beliefs and early attachments in explaining addictive behavior
Principal Investigator - Doc. Dr Snezana Filipovic
Associates - Prof. dr Goran Knezevic, Doc. dr Olivera Vuković, Dr sci Ivana Peruničić and Prim. Dr Ivica Mladenović
Duration - 2021-2025

Title: Research of cognitive-behavioral aspects in the pandemic COVID-19

Principal Investigator -Teaching ass. dr Marija Mitković Vončina

Associates - Prof. dr Milica Pejović Milovancević, Doc. Prof. Miodrag Stanković

Production period - 2021-

Title: Frequency and type of prescribed antidepressants in psy. clinical ward from 2013 to 2017
Researcher - Teaching Assist. Dr Maja Milosavljevic
Mentor - Assist. Prof. Dr Olivera Vukovic
Production period - Jan-April 2021



Title: Differences in the loneliness of psychiatric patients in relation to the diagnosis

Researcher - Dr Jelena Buzeić

Principal Investigator - Teaching ass. Dr Milutin Kostic

Production period - December 2020 - February 2021


Title: Ppatients' attitude towards treatment, doctors, advice and information
Researcher - Dr Teodora Jovanović
Principal Investigator - Teaching ass. Dr Milutin Kostic
Production period - December 2020 - April 2021


Title: Analysis of the association between insulin resistance and depression in type 2 diabetes
Researcher - Assist. Dr Jelena Stanarčić Gajović
Members of the research. team - Doc. Dr Olivera Vukovic, Assist. Dr Milutin Kostic, Dr Nikola Jovanovic
Mentor - Prof. Dr Aleksandra Jotic
Production period - 2021


Title: Youth Perspective on Mental Health Services
Coordinator from IMH - Prof. Dr Jelena Radosavljev Kirćanski
PI - Irena Stojadinović (Network of psychosocial interventions - P I N)
Production period - October 2020


Title: Research on the prevalence of alcohol and psychoactive substance abuse and psychological correlates among young migrants in Serbia
Principal Investigator - Coordinator from IMH - Prof. Dr Milica Pejovic-Milovancevic
Contributors - DEAPS and PhilFUB



Title: European study examining the attitudes of psychiatrists towards their patients
Coordinator from IMH - Dr Jovana Maslak
Principal Investigator - Dr Zsuzsa Gyorffy Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Semenweils University, Budapest
Production period - September 2020 - October 2020


Title: Gender differences in the synergistic effect of activation of oxytocinergic and serotonergic neurotransmission in the treatment of depression - a translational study
Coordinator from IMH - Doc. Dr Bojana Pejuskovic
Principal Investigator - Prof. Dr Vesna Pesic (PharmFUB)
Production period - May 2021 - May 2024


Title: Validation of the Stanford Scale of Social Dimensions (SDSS) for the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders in the Serbian sample
Principal Investigator - Coordinator from IMH - Prof. Dr Milica Pejović-Milovancević
Centers involved in the research - Dr Mirko Uljarevic and Dr Antonio Hardan, University of Melbourne, Australia
Production period - July 2020 - July 2021


Title: Mental Disorders after the COVID-19 Pandemic Population Contacting the Institute of Mental Health
PI - Prof. Dr Nadja P. Marić
Organizational support - Prof. dr Milica Pejović Milovancević and Doc. Dr Cedo Miljevic
Project advisors - Doc. Dr Olivera Vukovic and Prim. dr Olga Čolović, dr sci, psychotherapy subspecialist (tele-intervention)
Research participants -  Doc. dr Bojana Pejušković, dr Biljana Lukić, dr sci med Maja Milosavljević, klin. asist., dr sci med Milutin Kostić, klin. asist., dr sci med Vanja Mandić Maravić, Teaching ass. dr sci med. Ana Munjiza, wedge. assistant, Aleksandra Parojčić, MSc, clin. psychologist and Tijana Vraneš, clinical psychologist, Dr Ana Podgorac, Dr Milica Vezmar, Dr Mihailo Ilić, Dr Jovana Maslak, Dr Miloš Lazarević, Dr Roberto Grujičić and Dr Neda Ognjanović


Title: Development of a new scale for the assessment of adverse drug reactions (Scale of Adverse Effects of Psychopharmacotherapy) - WPA / CINP NEW MULTINATIONAL RESEARCH PROJECT
PI research at IMH - Doc. Dr Olivera Vukovic
Principal Investigator -  Kostas N. Fountoulakis


Title: Efficacy study of sertraline and escitalopram: dosing optimization based on liver isoenzymes
Participants in the research at IMH: Doc. Dr Cedo Miljevic, Doc. Dr Olivera Vukovic, Teaching ass. Dr. Milutin Kostić, Assist. Dr Maja Milosavljević and Dr Dunja Randjelović
Project associate -  Prof. Dr Nadja P. Marić


Title: Trauma and social cognition - analysis of the association in young people with anxiety-depressive spectrum disorders
Doctoral student -  Dr Miloš Lazarević
Mentor - Prof. Dr Nadja P. Marić



Title: Research on disciplining children at home in Serbia.
Researchers:Institute of Psychology - Prof. Dr Oliver Tošković; Ljiljana Lazarevic, PhD; Marina Videnović; Ana Stojković;
Institute of Mental Health -  Van. Prof. Dr Milica Pejović Milovnčević; Marija Mitković Vončina, PhD; Dr Vanja Mandić Maravić, Dr Roberto Grujičić; doc. Jelena Radosavlje Kirćanski


Title: Investigation of the concentration of neuroactive amines, kinurenin pathway metabolites and cytokines and the presence of genetic variants in patients with autism spectrum disorder.
Researchers - Prof. Miroslav Savić, PhD, Principal Investigator (Faculty of Pharmacy); Van. prof. Dr Milica Pejović Milovancević,
Principal investigator - mast. biol Anja Santrač; Dr Aleksandar Obradović; doc. Dr Ivan Jančić; Vanja Mandić Maravić; Dr Roberto Grujicic; Dr Ana Munjiza; Dr Jovana Maslak; doc. Dr Jelena Radosavljev Kirćanski



Title: Evaluation of the effect of psychotherapy.

Principal Investigators - Dr Olga Čolović




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